Welcome to Virtual Health Labs!

Virtual Health Labs is a digital health start-up run by Dr Tim Anstiss and Ogi Bataveljic.
We are a healthcare organisation with specialist digital and IT skills.

We have developed a customisable, smart, interactive coaching platform underpinned by motivational interviewing and robust behaviour change principles and techniques.

This platform / app (mi-healthcoach™) can be customised and locally branded by our clients to help them deliver more of the health and wellbeing outcomes they want
We are currently working with:

Durham and Darlington NHS Trust developing 3 different versions of the platform: one to help pregnant women stop smoking, one to help people with cancer recover lost health and wellbeing and engage with local groups, and a third to help less active men become and stay more active.

The Healthy London Partnership, to help people with musculo-skeletal pain become more active, take up local services (IAPT, Supervised Exercise Classes), become less depressed and stay in, return to, or find work.

Professor Paul Gilbert OBE, to develop a compassionate mind training app which might then be evaluated in a clinical trial.

MacMillan Cancer Support and The Royal Marsden NHS Trust on an immersive virtual reality experience for people with cancer, helping them to cultivate self-compassion and reduce activity in their threat emotional regulation systems.

The Virtual Health Labs Team

We have a unique mix of skilled, experience and motivated professionals to help our digital health solutions deliver health and wellbeing improvement over time.